How Epub101 Courses Work

all 4ePub101 courses range from 101 to 301 level topics where you, the writer–whether an epublishing beginner or a published indie author–will learn to present a polished, professional ebook MORE, new readers will want to buy and enjoy.

  • These courses include audio interviews from industry leaders, video tutorials, checklists, resources and written advice and tips to get you up and running faster.
  • Plus you will have permanent access to refer back to any course in the same course level on your own time. No deadlines and no tests!

ePub101 courses are available by paid membership only and accessible for members to watch, read or listen to the coursework using a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire and Android tablets and/or Smartphones.

101 Level Courses:

  • Manuscript Preparation and Formatting
  • Maximize the Front and Back Matter for Sales
  • Create a Cover that Will Wow Readers
  • eBook Pricing as a Marketing Tool

karen bernstein

: “Copyright Basics Every Indie Author Should Know” interview with Karen Bernstein, Intellectual Rights Attorney

: Plus special, exclusive interviews with “DIY Formatting Kit” creator, Suzanne Parrott, and cover designer extraordinaire, Scarlett Rugers! :

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201 Level Courses:

  • Dominate Your eBook Category
  • Maximize Customer Reviews
  • Blogging Basics for Writers
  • Optimize Your Amazon Sales Page for MORE Sales

Bonus: To be announced!

301 Level Courses (To Be Announced):

  • Amazon Sales Page User Tracking
  • Advertising Promotions that Pay in Sales
  • Social Media Marketing that Works
  • Building an Email List of Rabid Fans

Bonus: To be announced!


roxannejumpInstructor and Founder: Roxanne McHenry

Roxanne helps writers and authors e-publish and market their eBooks in top online bookstores like Amazon’s Kindle Store, Barnes and Noble’s Nook eBookstore, Google eBooks and Apple’s iBookstore.

She’s worked with authors to strategically place their ebooks on sites like Amazon for proven results.

Roxanne is a Top 500 Amazon Reviewer and an Amazon Vine Reviewer. From January 2012 through January 2014, Roxanne’s author clients had well over 500,000 Kindle ebook downloads on Amazon.


  • Robert Umber May 3, 2013 at 10:52 am

    Sounds great! I have a fantasy book on kindle and a middle grade ghost story on the way. I need the most help in the marketing and sales of my books. I’ve had alot of people say they would buy my book, but so far, I have only a smattering of sales to show for it. I need new sales and marketing weapons for my arsenal, the ones I have been using aren’t working, probably due to my needing more education in the matter.
    Before I can go any further, I need to know how much membership fee is. Is it all up front, or do you allow payments?
    Thank you for your time,
    Robert Umber

    • rmchenry May 3, 2013 at 1:07 pm

      Hi Robert!

      The 101 level course will be opening on May 15th and those people on my mailing list will get a discount from me for the Grand Opening. The pricing for the 101 level will be $99 (full price).

      The 201 level courses really focuses on customizing your sales pages to look more professional and enticing so buyers click on the buy button, getting more visibility in Amazon using categories and maximizing the critical customer reviews.

      The 301 level courses (coming later in 2013) will cover the meat of ebook marketing — tracking hits and sales on your Amazon sales page (yes, it can be done!) so you know what promotions are working and how many people BUY your book. I will have a course on using paid advertising promos (a must these days) that work (so you won’t go broke!), and also maximizing social media so you aren’t stuck online marketing when you need to be writing.

      Hope this helps….Roxanne

  • Marilyn Brady May 11, 2013 at 4:23 pm

    Sounds good to me! I’m not a writer but I am very interested in the process of self publishing and product placement in the 21st century. Thanks for offering your expertise and making it accessible to everyone. So excited to dig in!

  • Lucia Angles November 21, 2013 at 4:32 am

    Do you know about the market and sales of spanish Bookings I am a chilena Eritrea and my book is in spanish. Can you you help me.?

    • rmchenry November 21, 2013 at 9:29 am

      Hi Lucia, I don’t know the specifics of marketing and sales in Spanish. Since you know Spanish the principles I teach to create an ebook are the same. Once you upload your ebook in Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) then use spanish in the title, description and select categories to place your ebook that is relevant for spanish-speaking people. You can sell your ebook on all the English-speaking, and european and Japanese language Amazon websites from one place in KDP.

      Amazon has a Kindle EBook Store just for books in Spanish:

      The only downside is the places I recommend in to promote ebooks (paid advertising) are focused on ebooks in English.

      Hope this helps….Roxanne

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