eBook Promo Visibility at a Great Price — Interview with BookBlast Founder, Jason Matthews

Our focus as authors is to create the best quality, professional book or ebook possible. And so our job at Epub101 is to help you accomplish this important goal.

Once you have made every effort to create your ebook, uploaded it and started telling the world, how can you get the maximum numbers of potential readers to see your book and jump to the sales page–whether it’s a free promotion or a special discount offer?

The Right eBook Advertising Gets You More Buyers

The answer is ebook advertising. What started as a number of Kindle ebook websites connecting readers to the wave of free and discounted Kindle ebooks, has turned into a an opportunity for authors.

BookBlast is one of those sites that I have tested personally as both a reader and an advertiser. The numbers of potential readers/buyers BookBlast reaches is continually growing and it’s one way for a new author with some ebook reviews to get your book in front of thousands of potential buyers.

Another benefit of working with sites like BookBlast is that they place books that they accept for advertising from indie authors next to ebooks from bestselling authors at top traditional publishers, such as Dan Brown, Irving Wallace and Barbara Freethy.

I have personally worked with Jason Matthews at BookBlast for a number of promotions (free and 99-cents) and was happy with the results. Jason is responsive to any questions and I see his audience of readers growing quickly.

How does BookBlast work?

BookBlast sends out an email blast of specific, hand-picked ebook specials daily to readers who sign up for their list by genre. This means that the readers are getting ebooks in genres they want to read and from a trusted source.

The readers know these special deals change often and so they are motivated to look at ebooks that interest them right then (no procrastinating!)

Email marketing is the single most, BEST way to market any product online. However, If you don’t have your own email list–especially with large numbers of subscribers–advertising with a service like BookBlast is the next best thing.

What Does an eBook Promo Cost?

Last year it was possible to send your book promo information to sites similar to BookBlast for free, but since Amazon created limits for those sites (for free ebook downloads) and with the huge demand from authors, it now costs a fee PER promotion.

These fees can add up if you use more than one promo site/ad. I usually plan to spend abut $50 -$150 per free or discount promotions depending on the number of ebook sites I use and the time of year. BookBlast’s fee is very reasonable, starting at $25 per promotion.

The Interview with Jason Matthews of BookBlast

1. What exactly is Book Blast?

Book Blast is a genre-specific email newsletter that promotes temporary ebook bargains and free books found on Amazon. The author guide Let’s Get Visible lists us as one of the most-effective author promotional platforms out there, and our soaring subscriber numbers are propelling some really impressive download/sales numbers.

2. How can authors use Book Blast to their advantage for promotions?

One of the best strategies authors can use to promote their work is to run temporary sales to make a run at higher rankings and bestseller lists. Using Book Blast as part of your marketing plan is a cost-effective way to spur more sales and reach the exact type of readers who want to read the genre you write in.

3. Do you have any special requirements or standards for accepting submissions?

Our two main goals are to:

  • Give our readers the best possible deals on great books
  • Produce excellent results for our authors.

A big part of meeting those goals is selecting appealing books. That doesn’t mean a book needs to already be a bestseller, but it does need an excellent cover, a strong review record, and quality writing.

Picking books is subjective, and many are rejected, but that’s because we would rather decline to feature a book than show it and have to lead to disappointing results.

4. Is there a combination of promotional days or ebook pricing that gets the best results?

The thing about ebooks is that there are people ready to find a great new read every single day, so I’m not sure I could say one is better than another. For pricing, a sale of 50% off the full price or more is probably best. I have to say discounts to 1.99 seem to be in that No Man’s Land, where there are far fewer sales than $0.99 and far less revenue than $2.99.

5. How is Book Blast connected to Kindle Fire Department (KFD) and do you cross promote?

The Kindle Fire Department is our other, older site, which operates under the Facebook>Blog model. We do reserve a small amount of space in the final KFD post of the day for our Book Blast bargains, or authors can specifically reserve space if they’d like to appear in front of both audiences.

6. Where can authors submit their ebook for a promotion?

Interested authors can drop by our Advertise page to see list size details, prices, and submit books for consideration. They can also contact us to inquire about other options or broach any questions. Thanks!

We look forward to working with you!


More Questions About BookBlast?

Why not try them out as a Kindle ebook reader? You can sign up for their email list to see promotions for ebooks in your same genre. It may be one way to do some “intelligence” on the competition and get a feel for the types of  books that BookBlast is looking for.

Click on the image below to see the next page after you enter your email for signup. It’s straightforward and non-intrusive.


For those of you who don’t want to sign up using email, you can see today’s BookBlast deal here:

Happy eBook Marketing!

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