Introduction to ePub101 and the 101 Courses

Welcome to ePub101 and the start of your e-publishing journey to becoming a successful indie author.

The 101 Course Table of Contents  (Syllabus) is listed in detail on the “101 Course Level” page

I started these courses because of the overwhelming requests from writers all over the US to help them get started on the right track –or to jump start their published ebook’s sales after a slow start. ePublishing can be overwhelming at times, but it’s also exciting and, I think, very rewarding right in the mix of it all.

The Course Schedule

These courses will unfold one course per week starting with the first 101 level course, “Formatting” which you can access immediately. The access schedule looks like this:

Level 101 = Weeks 1-4

Formatting – Week One (immediate)
Great Covers – Week Two
Front and Back Matter – Week Three
Pricing to Market – Week Four

After a new course becomes available, you will still have access to the courses from previous weeks. After the initial four weeks, all the material will be available to you to access 24/7 at any time.

The 101 Course Table of Contents  (Syllabus) is listed in detail on the “101 Course Level” page.


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Additions, Changes and Feedback

I will be adding some new content that I didn’t list in the Table of Contents initially, and as new products or publishing changes happen, I will add those in as well. The course material is organic and changing on-going, so you get the benefit of permanent access to everything current and newly added in each level you paid for!

NOTE: If the content of a course doesn’t include a topic you need answers for, or that you want to see, please send me a message through the Contact page on the ePub101 website and I will add it to the content work queue. I think I’m going to be busy for awhile!  ;)

Stay tuned to email announcements for upcoming webinars or conference calls. I will let you know the topic, if any, or if we’re having a general Q&A roundtable for the month. It’ll be your chance to ask questions or get feedback. If you miss the meeting, I will send out a recording to listen/watch at a later date.

How to Use the Online Format

The classes are private pages that require a login to see the material. You do need to be on ePub101 to read, watch or listen to the content. This is to protect your investment so no one can see the information publicly for free (keep in mind the content I created in ePub101 is also copyrighted and not for sharing).

You can log on and look at whatever active topic is listed 24/7 at your leisure. There are no tests or grades, and no homework. For example, you may want to stop at a section to complete a task, such as preparing your manuscript for formatting according to what I recommend, and then move onto the Great Cover Design course when you’re ready.

Or you can read through all the material first, then refer back to a section when you get to that step in the epublishing process. Or jump around the pages, video and audio randomly, really, it’s up to you.

Catch Up Where Ever You Are

I made the website and multimedia content available to as many popular devices as possible, so you have the flexibility to read, watch or listen anywhere you are.

I find I’m off my PC a lot more now that I have a smartphone and Kindle Fire. These days, I have my Kindle Fire in hand during the family TV viewing in the evening and if I want, I can read or surf the web when the movie gets boring or during commercials.

Try ePub101 on your PC, Mac, laptop, Android tablet, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Nook HD or smartphone. As long as you can surf on the device to the website, the course material should be accessible. Problems? Check out the FAQ on audio or video issues.

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The 101 Level

The 101 level is ideal for someone who wants to get started in epublishing, but just doesn’t know where to begin. It’s also great for someone who got stuck in the process or as a refresher with some new ideas and tips.

The Formatting section is not a “How to Format” lesson. Instead, I walk you through the basics of manuscript preparation and give you information on deciding whether to format via Do-It-Yourself resources or to hire a professional.

There are in fact a number of ways to format, so I am giving you my tips and opinions based on my experience in helping authors–and formatting ebooks myself since 2010.  If you have a strong opinion on a resource or method I recommend, let me know. Also if I missed a great resource, let me know so I can add it to the course.

The Cover Design course has a terrific interview with designer, Scarlett Ruger, who did my client, Davonna Juroe’s new cover for her ebook also called, Scarlette. She is a sought-after cover designer with a real commitment to authors and raising the image of ebooks in the publishing arena.  I also tell you some neat tricks to find a designer and to come up with a winner.

The Front and Back Matter course addresses maximizing the interior of your ebook to make it LOOK like a top-notch book (there’s no reason it can’t be!) and to get your readers committed to you and reading your next book.

Finally, Pricing seems like an easy task, and it should be….but there are some options that require careful consideration and testing (testing is big, you’ll see me say it alot) to maximize your sales. Publishing via Amazon’s regular KDP vs. KDP Select causes confusion and some strong opinions. What is it? And is it good or bad?

Well, let’s get going! You can start on the 101 courses with “A Realistic Timeline.” The colored links in the 101 Course Table of Contents are active pages to access immediately.

Enjoy the ride!



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  • Ina Albert September 6, 2013 at 4:16 pm


    I am really interested in taking you course, but need to know the price and don’t seem to be able to fine it. I am definitely at the 101 level. Thanks. Ina

    • rmchenry September 12, 2013 at 11:56 am

      Ina, I sent you a registration link via email to you earlier in the week. Once you register, let me know by email and I will get you access to the 101 level. Thanks for pointing out you couldn’t find the price of the course — I had the site set up for buying by invitation only, but I’m changing that soon.


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