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Steven Manchester (#1) and Kathy Dunnehoff (#8) reveal what it's like to have an Amazon Best Seller in these exclusive audio interviews!!

steve twelvemonths

 Steven Manchester and “Twelve Months” – #1 Paid Best Seller, Amazon November 2012

Longtime Author, Steven Manchester hit the big time when his heartfelt novel, “Twelve Months,” became the #1 ebook on Amazon last fall.

In Part 1 of Steven’s interview, he talks about becoming an author, about how he came up with the idea for “Twelve Months,” and getting a four-book deal with independent publisher, The Story Plant.

In Part 2, Steven talks about the new opportunities in e-publishing, what it was like seeing his book at #1 on Amazon and the greatest reward he’s experienced as a bestselling author.


Kathy Dunnehoff - "The Do-Over"

Kathy Dunnehoff and “The Do-Over”  – #8 Paid Best Seller, Amazon February 2012

Kathy Dunnehoff had her PNWA Zola award-winning book, “Plan On It,” in the hands of a top NY agent and hopes for a publishing deal at her fingertips in 2001.

Fast forward more than a decade–and multiple novel manuscripts waiting to be published–when Kathy took the leap into e-Publishing and scored big with a #8 Paid Best Seller with “The Do-Over.”

In Part 1 of her interview, Kathy talks about the decision in 2010 to publish an ebook, how she got a great cover and what happened with her ebooks leading up to her big break.

In Part 2, Kathy talks about how it really felt to see her book hit the Best Seller ranking and if e-publishing really met with her hope and dreams to reach readers. Kathy also shares what she does to market her books and what her next move is now that she’s a bestselling author.

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